This course does not take place in 2017. This is the 2016 program.

Vorlesung Nr.: 12412-01
Autumn semester 2016

Tuesday 12:15-14:00 Uhr Biozentrum, Hörsaal 103 (except 27.09.16 ZLF, Kleiner Hörsaal)

This is a lecture within the Master of biology (Philosophic-Scientific Faculty).

Organiser: Prof. Hans H. Hirsch

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This interactive series of lecture/workshop covers the biological principles of viruses in vertebrates and invertebrates, plants, bacteria and in viruses, with focus on virion and genome organization, molecular mechanisms of the viral life cycle and tools to study this, on virus-host interactions, aspects of transmission and molecular epidemiology as well as molecular pathology and virus evolution.

Prof. Hans-Peter Beck Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel CV-PDF
PD Dr. Rainer Gosert Dep. Biomedizin, Haus Petersplatz, Basel CV-PDF
Prof. Markus H. Heim University Hospital, Basel CV-PDF
Prof. Hans H. Hirsch Dep. Biomedizin, Haus Petersplatz, Basel CV-PDF
Prof. Mike Ison Divisions of Infectious Diseases and Organ Transplantation, Northwestern University, Chicago CV-PDF
Prof. Thomas Klimkait Dep. Biomedizin, Haus Petersplatz, Basel CV-PDF
Prof. C. Münz Institute of Experimental Immunology, University Zurich CV-PDF
Prof. Daniel Pinschewer Dep. Biomedizin, Haus Petersplatz, Basel CV-PDF
Prof. Christine Hanssen Rinaldo Department of Microbiology and Infection Control, University Hospital of North Norway (UNN), Tromsø, Norway CV-PDF
Prof. Roberto Speck University Hospital of Zurich CV-PDF
Prof. Silke Stertz University of Zurich, Institute of Medical Virology CV-PDF
Prof. Volker Thiel Institute of Virology and Immunology, Bern CV-PDF
Dr. Stefan Wieland University Hospital Basel CV-PDF

Date Title Lecturer
20.09.16 Introduction: Principles of virology H. H. Hirsch 
27.09.16 Respiratory Virus Infection in hematopoietic and solid organ transplantation M. Ison
04.10.16 Picornaviruses (Polio, Entero) R. Gosert
11.10.16 Retroviruses (HIV) T. Klimkait
18.10.16 Antiviral immunity (LCMV) D. Pinschewer
25.10.16 Influenzaviruses S. Stertz
01.11.16 Humanized mice: Model for viral diseases incl. HIV R. Speck
08.11.16 Hepatitis C M. Heim
15.11.16 Coronavirus innate immune evasion V. Thiel
22.11.16 Large DNA viruses: Epstein-Barr C. Münz
29.11.16 Small DNA viruses or Tumor viruses C. Rinaldo
06.12.16 Hemorraghic fever viruses H.-P. Beck
13.12.16 Hepatitis B S. Wieland