Prof. Dr. Thomas Klimkait


Joëlle Bader, PhD student emailicon
Yannick Gerth, Master student emailicon
Konstantin Kletenkov, PhD studentemailicon
Isabell Seibert, Laboratory Technicianemailicon
Sarah Wagner, Msc. (research assistant) emailicon

The Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics performs medical laboratory diagnostics for human viral pathogens applying qualitative and quantitative PCR-methodology.
Research focus is on the phenotypic characterization of HIV resistance and viral replicative ‘fitness’, and on novel inhibitory concepts for HIV treatment (See Annual Report
2005 and List of Publications, see also PubMed).

Research projects include:

Study of the replicative capacity of HIV in ex vivo systems.

Characterization of drug resistance of complex mixtures of HIV in clinical specimens

Contracted system development and validation (for external partners).

Inhibitor profiling for various HIV targets and in cancer (for external partners) phenotyping systems for clinical diagnosis of drug resistances in human leukemia therapy.

Current services include:

Qualitative and quantitative PCR of human pathogens.

Development and validation of new quantitative tests for clinical pathogens

Contract service of nucleic acid diagnostics

HIV genotyping and phenotyping

Selective drug profiling for HIV inhibitors (on contract basis).